Emerge Tree is based in Melbourne, Australia.

To put it simply, we just love trees and we want to see more of them! 

We work to grow more trees for the future in three very simple ways.

Carbon offsets: you can purchase carbon offsets that will capture carbon from the atmosphere in order reduce or neutralise the carbon emissions created from your activities. Funds raised go directly to native reforestation projects. 

Land restoration: we purchase land that is degraded and in need of restoration. Our team source land that is close to natural reserves, forests or parks to enhance the conservation value of the land once it is restored. 

Land acquisition: we also buy native bushland that is at risk of being cleared or impacted by human based activities. Once we own it, the land is protected forever. 



Integrity underpins all of our actions. We practice honesty and truthfulness in everything we do. We are respectful and uncompromising in our pursuit for a better world.


The team at Emerge Tree know that we are stronger together. We believe in growing connections and partnerships that aim to make tomorrows world a little brighter. We also believe in connecting people to nature. We know that people are happier and healthier when they are connected to nature.

Being Good Ancestors

Emerge Tree is all about intergenerational equity. The prosperity of one generation shouldn't come at the cost of another. We believe in planting trees so that generations to come have a happy and healthy future and are able to witness the splendour and awe of the natural world.


Life is short so you better have some fun! When we laugh and have fun together our hearts are happy. Happy people means happy communities, creating happy nations and a harmonious world. We take the time to let our hair down, have fun and bring smiles to people around us.

© Emerge Trees. Because The World Needs More Trees.

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